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Discovery Of Widgets

I love widgets, cuz they make your blog so user friendly. So you could only imagine my excitement when I discovered a new widget (which had been always there). Yayyyyy!! 😬


You can follow me via email now, to get an email everytime I post something new. This way, you won’t miss a thing.

With Love.

P.S. – I know I’m not like a professional blogger who keeps you at the edge of your seat or anything of the sort. But it was really exciting adding that widget. Cheers! ✌🏻

P.P.S. – If you don’t know how to add widgets to your blog, here’s a quick guide.

Step 1 – Log into WordPress. Go to your blogsite (these are screenshots from a phone, it’s almost the same thing via a computer). At your right hand side bottom corner there’s a set of tools (customise button), press on it.

Step 2 – It’ll take you to a page like this. Click on widgets.

Step 3 – That’ll take you a page like this. Select wherever it is that you want your widget.

Sidebar – On the side of your blog (your right hand side).

Footer – At the bottom of your blog.

Step 4 – Press the button ‘Add A Widget’.

Step 5 – That’ll take you to a page like this. Select whatever the widget you like. (I’ve selected the one which allows your readers to follow your blog via email.)

Step 6 – Last but not least, it’ll open up a page like this (depending on the widget you want). Customise until your hearts content and press the button ‘Save & Publish’.

Hope that helps! Happy Widgeting! 😬