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Throwback To 2017

2017 was one of the most exhausting roller-coaster rides ever! 

Turned 18 – I’m an adult now. Was bridesmaid at a wedding. Sat for my a/levels, which I got through successfully. Started university. Started teaching. Started my own blog. Bought my first vehicle, a motor bike. Adopted my cute kitten, Velvet, who was found thrown in a ditch. Starting wearing the hijab, which is a milestone for me. I still am figuring out life as a hijabi. Experienced a loss of loved ones, making how fragile life is even more real.

Realized that unless I have a burning passion to do something, I’ll just do okay. Realized that I am very passionate about making this world a better place and changing lives any way I possibly can, be it through my career or simply being a very giving human. Realized that people can change in the blink of an eye. Realized that love is my greatest strength and greatest weakness. Realized that people will judge you as they please, misunderstandings are inevitable, but as long as you are true to yourself that’s all that really matters. God knows best.

Realized that no matter how much it does not feel like it sometimes, I am truly blessed. I’m truly grateful for the most loving, amazing and understanding parents anyone could ever ask for. I’m grateful for my extremely supportive family – immediate and extended. I’m grateful for all my friends, new and old. I’m grateful for all my dear readers who’ve taught me so much. I’m grateful that I’ve grown up to be the smart, independent, courageous and beautiful young lady I am. I’m grateful I realize that how happy or sad, loved or broken I feel inside, this is all a part of life, and I would not enjoy mine as much as I do any other way.

Thank you for bearing with me throughout the whole mushy touchy feely stuff. I hope you enjoy this video I’m sharing with you as a salute to 2017. I pray that 2018 turns out to be even more amazing, for all of us! Happy New Year!

With Love. 

PS – I know I’ve hardly blogged lately, I promise that will change from this blog.

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Happy Reading! 

Life Is An Echo

“Whatever you want the most in life, first give it. It will come back manifold. Be it love, money, success. One of the fundamental rules.”

I read this deep quote in Vinay’s Blog. There’s much more quotes, daily inspiration, and stories where that came from. Don’t forget to follow him!

Happy Reading!

With Love.

PS – I reblog posts I think are an interesting read, and posts that are special to me. This way you could get to know me better, and enjoy the post yourself. There’s a greater chance of me reblogging your posts if you actually interact with me via my blog posts and blog site. Cheers! ✌🏻

All Lives Matter, But Does Yours Matter More? 

Does your life matter more than someone else’s?

Think about it for a moment. Don’t just think about it. Think about it deeply. 😇

This is quite the controversial topic. The majority of us may say, “No, ofcourse not!” Some others would say, “Yes, why not?”

What do you think?

The problem behind this question is that it’s difficult to answer it. Why?

If you say yes, you’ll be seen as a racist, extremist, and many other things.

If you say no, well.. You are cool. Except you could just be saying it only because it’s the right thing to say.

Why would anyone think that their life matters more than the life of someone else? Is it because you think your race is superior to someone else’s? Is it because you feel like terrorists who kill innocent people don’t have a place in this world? Is it because you feel like that about yourself? “I am special. Ofcourse my life is more important.”

It’s completely fine to have your own opinion, just make sure to drop them down. 👍🏻

So what do you think? All lives matter, ofcourse. But does your life matter more than someone else’s?


With Love.


Hey guys! This is my friend’s story. He’s the one who helped me open up this blog. I think his story is very inspirational. You might wanna read it. Happy Reading! ☺️

It was February 2015 when I started to get these really bad chronic headaches, not the normal ones that you usually get, and they used to easily last for 2-3 minutes in which you can do nothing. That’s when I found out that I have hydrocephalus. I knew I had some kind of thing planted at both sides of my head that connects to my brain. I never knew what it was and since it never bothered me I didn’t even pay attention to it. Once when they started, I woke up in the middle of the night experiencing a piercing pain which I couldn’t handle. I had to wake my parents up. Dad immediately sensed that it was not a normal headache and something was wrong. Instead of seeking medical attention my dad and I went to get a tablet that I used to take when I was little. The headache calmed down but that wasn’t it. I continued taking that medicine. That’s when I got the chronic headaches during my classes. I used to leave all my work and just concentrate on the headache until it was normal. Later in March, I think it was the 5th of March, I got the headache again at home and I lost consciousness. I was rushed to the hospital where I’ve been going since I was 8 months old for the same reason. They medicated me first and I was fine, so my dad took a “Leave On Medical Advice” and decided to bring me home. A few days later the headache resurfaced and I was rushed back to the hospital. The doctor who later operated me told dad the entire procedure I had to go through. My dad got a little tensed and decided to try another hospital to which I was taken in an ambulance. There the doctor simply said that all they would do is operate me for a third shunting which could have been worse. (Please note that all this, I was told later on.) I was unconscious to actually know what was happening. I was on the verge of suffering from a haemorrhage. At 6am I was operated on to remove the two shunts and to insert a temporary external drain to drain out all the bleeding that had occurred during the process. During that time I was bed bound in the hospital. I was only able to get up if a physiotherapist helped me out and if the drain was closed, but that too for only five minutes. Twenty days later, I was operated on again for a new shunting. On the 27th of March 2015 I finally got discharged.

I did not write my mock exams and I suffered greatly academically. I wrote my CIEs and ended up getting a CDE. I got a C in Maths just because I was able to get help from my Math teacher during her office hours. I was devasted seeing my transcript but decided not to give up. I opted for Business since that was the subject I had an E in. I worked as hard as I could and on Thursday when we finally received our result I looked at my grades. CCD. Something I’ll still call an achievement. My grade dropped in maths but I was not disheartened. I got admission to SZABIST and now am on my way to pursue my degree in Computer Sciences, something I always wanted to do. I am now living normally and I don’t even notice having a disease. Obviously it’s still in the back of my head and I really don’t mind people talking to me about it.

All in all, I would just like to say “Life knocks you down in several ways, but it’s your decision to get back up or not!” Have an optimistic approach to life because your interpretation and the way you choose to deal with things matters a lot. Peace!