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Hearts Of Service

Hearts of Service is a group of young adults in Sri Lanka who does everything they can to empower and spread joy among people.

Here’s an interview I had with one of the co-founders of the group – Afra.

  1. How and when did this all start?

Answer: Isuri and I grew up together as schoolmates. [Lyceum International School, Wattala] We both were in the same class in Grade 1 and moving on to Grade 9, we were back together in the same class. Since then our friendship built, personalities developed and found ourselves with mutual passions to help build communities. In 2017, in aid of the flood victims we came together and since then we created a name, a logo and are continuing to pursue to change and creating a difference.

2. Did it start with the same amount of people there is now? If not, how did the community grow?

Answer: No. Initially, it was only the two of us, our families and our closest friends, but now we have a team of approximately 30 members and growing.

3. How many projects have you’ll accomplished so far?

Answer: We have completed 3 projects. Recovery aid for flood victims in Matara, Blood donation camp at Wattala, student empowerment workshop program at Peliyagoda.

4. How much of work does it take per project? How long does it take to get everything prepared for each project?

Answer: Depending on the circumstances and matter of urgency, it could take 3 days to 3 months.

5. How early (from the day of the project) do you plan a project?

Answer: Sometimes not early enough but at the end of the day it’s matter of completing the project within the goal time.

6. What’s the best thing about each project?

Answer: The lives we could change and the smiles on people’s faces.

7. What’s your favourite project to date?

Answer: The student empowerment workshop at Peliyagoda.

8. How does a person join ‘Hearts of Service’ if they wish to?

Answer: They could drop a message on our Facebook page, stating their name and contact number.

9. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to start a ‘Hearts of Service’ of their own?

Answer: Be you, take a leap of faith and bid farewell to naysayers.

Sweet And Genuine Soul ❤️

Introducing Nurgul Korkmaz.. An amazing soul, who’s on a journey of self discovery and who inspires the world with her contagious smile and infectious positive attitude! Make sure to follow her here.

This lovely video stole a place in my heart, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

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The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World

As you may know, this is the Holy Month Of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world. It’s a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship.

Muslims are expected to put in more effort into following the teachings of Islam. Muslims fast, which is the fourth pillar of Islam, from dawn to sunset. During the fast, they refrain from consuming any food and drinks. This is to make them personally aware of the plight of underprivileged people, which evokes a degree of social consciousness. They also guard themselves from all evil, reflecting the essence of piety.

The Kuwaiti telecom company ‘Zain’ decided to make the most out of the holy season with a powerful three-minute ad urging people to reject suicide bombings.


I’m not going to go through what happens in the video (I watched it atleast three times). However, here’s something incase you missed it in the video.

They included actual victims of terror attacks. 🙁

Also, here’s a sneak peak into the YouTube comment section incase you are wondering if the video is worth your data/WiFi. 😰

I hope you didn’t skip watching the video.

With Love. ❤️

Let’s End Terrorism, One Step At A Time


Even the word itself is frightening.

I’ve got a huge problem. I cannot stop thinking about what happened in Manchester. Something inside me just broke. I think I just lost all my faith in humanity. I can’t imagine why it’s hurting me so much. I mean yes, I can totally see why I’m upset about it, but this is something else. It’s almost like I lost someone I love.

Why? Why why why why? God damnit! Why would anyone hurt anyone? At all? I can’t even imagine hurting an animal (I am not saying in anyway that it’s okay to hurt an animal), how can someone deliberately kill so many people? So many innocent people who’ve done nothing wrong to them? I mean, obviously someone who would end their own life in an act of terrorism probably doesn’t care about anyone else’s life. But still? It doesn’t matter if they are children or adults, girls or boys, black or white. Yes, it is much worse when those who are targetted are young teenage girls. But it really doesn’t matter. Why is this world filled with so much of unnecessary hate and violence?

Can you even imagine what it’s like? Can you imagine what the parents who’ve lost their beautiful children are going through? I read that a married couple who’ve gone to the arena to pick their child were identified victims of the attack. Can you imagine what that child must be going through? Children losing their parents. Parents losing their children. People losing their loved ones. How does the people who survived it get over something like that? How does anyone get over something like that? My heart breaks for those people. I wish there was something I could do. If I could give up my life in exchange of stopping terrorism, I would. I wouldn’t let anyone I love do that (I would stop them with everything I got) because I wouldn’t be able to bear them gone, but I would do it. I’m a bit selfish like that.

Everyone has the same fate. Birth, life and death. Why would anyone not want to live life (the very short time period they’ve got) peacefully? With love? Joy? Who is to blame to this? God? Don’t you say yes to that. You have a free will. You are accountable for your own actions.

If that’s the case, and if everyone is born as an innocent child, how does this transformation happen? Who is to blame to this? Adults? Adults who’ve maybe mistreated or miseducated these terrorists when they were young? Does this mean we can eventually put an end to terrorism by educating the young generation? Teaching them right from wrong? Showing them that love is and always will be the strongest thing in the world? Well, I hope so.

My plea to the world –

While healing from this terrible attack, let us not point fingers at one another. Let this not be something which will divide us further. That is exactly what they want. If we let that happen, they win. Do you want them to win? You don’t. So don’t let them.

Please. Please let this be something which bring us closer together. Please let this be something which will help us get all of our forces together to put an end to this. Let’s show them that they cannot divide us. Let’s honour the lives of every victim of every terror attack. Because love indeed is greater than hate. Please. Let’s not let them win.

Open your hearts to people who’ve lost someone through an act of terror. Show them love. Their minds are at a very unstable state. They might tend to be vengeful. Show them, teach them, tell them that won’t get them anywhere. Tell them that isn’t what their lost loved ones would want from them.

Open your doors to the children of the world. They are what will save this world or, if it’s already saved, prevent it from starting all over again. Adopt an orphan from a foster home if you can give them more love than what they get from there. Save a child refugee from the distress they are in.

Come on people. I know we’ve got what it takes to end this. So let’s get started.

Love changes everything.. So fill the world with love, and let love do it’s thing..

With Love. ❤️