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All Lives Matter, But Does Yours Matter More? 

Does your life matter more than someone else’s?

Think about it for a moment. Don’t just think about it. Think about it deeply. 😇

This is quite the controversial topic. The majority of us may say, “No, ofcourse not!” Some others would say, “Yes, why not?”

What do you think?

The problem behind this question is that it’s difficult to answer it. Why?

If you say yes, you’ll be seen as a racist, extremist, and many other things.

If you say no, well.. You are cool. Except you could just be saying it only because it’s the right thing to say.

Why would anyone think that their life matters more than the life of someone else? Is it because you think your race is superior to someone else’s? Is it because you feel like terrorists who kill innocent people don’t have a place in this world? Is it because you feel like that about yourself? “I am special. Ofcourse my life is more important.”

It’s completely fine to have your own opinion, just make sure to drop them down. 👍🏻

So what do you think? All lives matter, ofcourse. But does your life matter more than someone else’s?


With Love.