Thank you for sharing your religion. If not for people …

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Thank you for sharing your religion. If not for people such as yourself willing to reach out to others we could not learn from one another. The video was a powerful message of love and hope. Look forward to more of your writing

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Muslim Girl
Thank you sharing your story regarding your decision to wear the hijab. I can appreciate the religious and modest significance.
However, I do have a comment/question and I probably already know the answer. I have seen many young women wearing the Hijab but they also wear tight clothing, heavy makeup and revealing tops. This confuses me as I believed wearing the hijab was modesty.

I can equate this to Christian women who proclaim loudly their faith and yet walk and talk and dress provocatively. Christian women are also suppose to dress modestly and not attract attention. HAHA, Only the most conservative dress modestly.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

I appreciate your post. Keep up the good work. Prepper Gal