The Best Ad Networks For Beginners

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My last post was on the best hosting site for you. After a lot of positive feedback on it, I thought of writing about the best ad networks out there for beginners.

Why? I thought it’s best to talk about blogging in two consecutive posts so that anyone who’s interested can just go for it, and anyone who’s not knows that this blog isn’t going to only be about this.

Anyway, google adsense is the most popular ad network out there, but they have quite some cons.

  • You have to have an established website for them to accept your application – This doesn’t work out for beginners like me.
  • They take forever to review your application, and still end up rejecting your application – I submitted three times over a span of a week, they took more than two days to get back to me, each time with a no. It really is frustrating. (I know a person who hasn’t got her revival done by adsense in two months.)

So what are the best ad networks for beginners? I’ll give you a list of four ad networks I’m currently experimenting on. I’m experimenting which one works best for me, and once I’ve had a larger, more established website, I’ll be settling for one or two.

This list is in order of how long I’ve been using it. Not in order of how good it is. Maybe in two months or so, I’ll post on the ad network which worked best for me. Until then, please bear with all the pop ups on my blog. Still a trail and error set up, not only to help me but aiming to help you as well.

HostGator Web Hosting

All these ad networks run on CPM (with a bonus for clicks), not CPC. CPM – Cost per impressions. CPC – Cost per clicks. While CPC is better in the long run, it’s more suitable for bigger websites. You can get 1000 views but no clicks, and so you won’t be paid for CPC. There’s more chances for clicks if you have a huge traffic pouring into your website.

  1. BidVertiser This is one of the oldest ad networks out there.
  • This had the fastest approval system. Just sign up and you are done. All other ad networks took at least a few hours to review my website.
  • You can chose any kind of ads you want to publish. Bidvertiser runs most of my banners.
  • They have a minimum $10 payout via PayPal.
  • You can submit requests for support even if you aren’t member.

2. PropellerAds – This is what I opened right after BidVertiser. It has a better pay that BidVertiser so far.

  • They have an adblock bypass solution (which I haven’t tried out yet).
  • They use pop-under ads mainly because they generate the biggest profit among all ad units. This can drive people away from your site though, because people are frustated with any pop ads.
  • They have a minimum payout of $100.
  • They have a personal manager (my favorite feature in this ad network). You can live chat to get help and solve your problems through the personal manager.

3. Ad-Maven – I got this approved recently. Still working on getting to know about the site.

  • They have solutions to bypass all adblock extensions.
  • They have a large variety of ads to offer, such as popup, new tab, banners, light box, interstitial, slider and more.
  • They have a minimum payout of $50.
  • They have a chat manager too. I haven’t used this feature yet to know how efficient it is though.

4. PopAds – I got this approved recently too. Still working on getting to know about the site.

  • Specialized in pop-unders.
  • Dynamic market – It is we who choose the rate. We can choose the minimal bid (price of a single pop-under) we accept, we can also limit the number of pop-unders shown to a single visitor during a day. Furthermore we can refuse to accept pop-unders with sound or with other annoying elements.
  • Fast payments – They handle withdrawal requests daily.
  • They have a minimum payout of $5.
  • Support via email and our favorite instant messenger.

My advice? Ads hardly pay. Specially when you are beginner. One ad network won’t be useful until your website gets established.

Most ad networks don’t accept your website if it already has registered under another ad network. The four networks I chose don’t have a problem of the sort.

It’s best to start running ads as soon as you get your domain, so that you can experiment around and see what works best for you. I highly recommend using the above four ad networks (all together) to start advertising if you are a beginner.

There’s three ads at the bottom of this article, click on them to get started. You might need to log into Ad-Maven yourself because I couldn’t find an ad for it.

Hope this helps!

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