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The Best Tips On Dealing With Stress
I really appreciate the dark chocolate tip. I’ve recently started eating it; well a cube or two after dinner. I used to think it was bitter and chalky, but also realized that I hadn’t given my taste buds a true opportunity to adjust, or my programmed mind a chance to experience “another” type of chocolate. Picking the one for me has also become easier too. Delicious & beneficial in every bite!!!

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Pizza Shop In Philadelphia Feeding The Homeless

Very cool. What a wonderful caring way to pay it forward. Powerful is right. Kind gestures don’t have to be huge, just heartfelt. And they can actually change a life!!!

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Why I Started Blogging
I am happy to read, like, comment, and today start following a young lady’s blog who has a go-getter attitude. It takes real moxie to rise up in this world. I picture you being on your way. Highest and Best!