Nusrath, people are such shits. In my 47 years, I …

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Nusrath, people are such shits. In my 47 years, I learned just how cruel people can be; in part because I was often so cruel in my active addiction. It made me cynical and bitter. I’m so grateful for the 12 steps that taught me to love myself, and the people in 12 step fellowships that taught me that people can also be so very selfless and caring (by the way they gave so much of themselves to help me get clean and stay clean).

I’m so glad you didn’t wait until you were 35 to start learning to love yourself. I waited that long, and I wish every woman could learn it as early as you did. You are beautiful (stunningly so!), and it’s more than just a pretty face–your spirit comes through in your writing and it is beautiful too.

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The Person Behind The Blog πŸ’œ

Please call me Cindy, all my friends and family do😊

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I Began My ‘Oppressed’ Life

This is a beautiful post, and you are a beautiful woman. I enjoy learning more about your faith and customs, so thank you for continuing to educate me!

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Running Out Of Ideas On What To Blog About?

I’ll definitely have to refer back to this when we have a rare slow week around here at the homestead

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Is Your Phone A Distraction?

My husband might be the pot that calls the kettle black​ LOL

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Is Your Phone A Distraction?

interesting! I imagine my husband would say I need such a thing LOL

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Global Warming – What We Can Do About It

We’re building a small house, and we’re making it as efficient as we can. LED lights, geothermal cooling (it’s Texas so it’s hot, and I have allergies and COPD so I have to have climate control), two foot thick styrofoam blocks will be the insulation in our walls. We’re hoping to add a wind turbine to cover some of our power needs. I also take reusable fabric bags to the grocery store, and line dry my clothes whenever possible.

It’s obvious our current federal government isn’t going to do anything about climate change, so it’s so much more important that I do my part as an individual.

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