I don’t think that checking for likes and comments on …

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I don’t think that checking for likes and comments on something like a blog post which you’ve put blood and sweat into is something you should be guilty of. Anyone and everyone likes it if their work is acknowledged. I am 100% against the obsession of checking for likes on social media. For example, how many likes you get on that new selfie you uploaded. You ain’t put no blood and sweat into that. Oh wait! Maybe you have, given all the filters and everything nowadays.. 😁

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The Superficial Likes
Exactly! I wish they just removed the like button off everything! 😇

The Superficial Likes
Thank you so much Lesley for taking your time to drop by and comment! Cheers! 😇

The Superficial Likes
Haha! There’s no reason to. Lol! 😂

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I’m trying to limit the amount of blog posts per week to maintain quality. 😂

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Thank you so much!

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I think so too. Sad, but I think people are gradually getting lazy to read off the internet too.

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