Congratulaions! It looks very different, and maybe lots of visitors using …

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It looks very different, and maybe lots of visitors using mobile items won’t notice the “two-thirds-size” I see at my computer: to me, your blog only covers a 2/3 part of the screen, the rest is blank white.
So, if you don’t mind: actually I would prefer to see another try with a better appliableness to the various type of screens .
But in any case: you rule šŸ™‚

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The Anti-Terrorism Ad Which Is Taking Over The World
A strong and remarkable message. Thank you for sharing!

Discovery Of Widgets
Also true šŸ™‚

Discovery Of Widgets
I like this way of following by e-mail myself, because I like to visit blogs really, not just via “reader”, where every blog look s the same.
Also, there might someone like to follow without being a blog-writer her- or himself.

Some of the widgets are really worth a try, because they are usefull, some are just like decorating a room – and which woman in the world doesn’t like such? šŸ™‚

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Even in the joking part, there is no wrong word in it šŸ™‚

Enough With The Double Standards
Very good article, again.

It’s a pity that each and every religion in the world seems to have two faces, one, that is honestly pure, friendly and filled with a universial spirit of love, and one worldly mask, imposed over the face of love like a cage made of greed for politics and power.
This instrument has nothing to do with spiritual enlightment and advices for living in peace with another, but with intentions for oppression of the common people by frightening them, all over the world.

I think, all those great souls who were importand to built the spiritual ideas would be bitterly disappointed by these abuses of authority, leading in the opposite direction of their pure intentions.