This was a very entertaining post. I especially like …

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This was a very entertaining post. I especially like the list of what women want at different ages.

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Running Out Of Ideas On What To Blog About?

Very helpful post! I go through spurts of not knowing what to write, which is tough because I like to put out at least 3 a week. Usually I have to have a brainstorming time where I just surf the web for inspiration and I can come up with a few topics to last me a few weeks.

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Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Selfish
Blogging takes a LOT of. How many times in life do we do things for free. I mean, ya it’s fun for a month or so, writing and seeing people engage, but if you don’t get paid, the love is going to fizzle off. I barely make $20 bucks from my blog a month right now, but you know what it’s enough to keep me going because it’s at least something! Also, as a blogger, I try to click on other peoples links too to help them out, because we know what they are going through!