Lol.. true.. 😂 …

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Lol.. true.. 😂

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What A Woman Wants From Her Man
Nusrath is a sweet and a very common name by the way.. Am i right Nu.. Noon.. Nusrath. I know a lot of girls by the name of Nusrath. Although sariffo’deen is a challenge for me

What A Woman Wants From Her Man
You seem to have done a lot of thesis.

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Life straw-portable water filter..🙌

Enough With The Double Standards
Amazing post Nusrath. That’s an eye opener for everyone who thinks that all muslims are terrorist’s. I have many muslim friends and they are not terrorist’s. We laugh we cry we eat together and many more. I will not blame my friends or their religion just bcoz some psychotic moron bombed somewhere and he was coincidentally a Muslim.

Go Green – Plastic is Obscene
Epic post.. This post is really the need of the hour


Ditto.. Keep posting