One thing those on the receiving end of racism tend …

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One thing those on the receiving end of racism tend to forget when they are the ones experiencing it is that it is a 2-way street. Nobody talks about the silent recipients who don’t speak out because it’s socially unacceptable to point the racism finger at those who traditionally are the victims….

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Enough With The Double Standards
I thought you might say something like that 😊 Maybe this will help to clarify it for you a little 😀

Religion is a system of beliefs or a code of moral conduct that judges (qualifies or disqualifies) a person based on their adherence and obedience to certain codes, rules, laws, traditions, or the performance of required acts.

Religion (almost universally) is enforced by those in power in an attempt to maintain, increase, or abuse their power over others. Religion is the creation of man and is not the intention or design of God.

When you practice religion, your relationship with God is degraded to a mathematical formula. Do this, then do this, don’t do that, and presto. . . you are right in the eyes of God. This is TOTALLY missing the point! God wants so much more. He wants to have a real relationship with you. He wants to show his love to you and He wants you to love Him. 🤗

Enough With The Double Standards
There’s a lot of talk of religion here. But true faith is not religion, which is a dead, man-made thing, but rather a meaningful relationship with a living God. A relationship is not a religion.

Why I Started Blogging
All who are real and genuine and with a good heart are more than welcome here 😊🌻

Why I Started Blogging
HooOOooooWWWwwLooooo Nusrath ☺ Welcome to “The Pack!” lol 😉🐾 Congratulations on reaching the mighty 18 milestone, you are now a true woman of the world and the world is your oyster! Enjoy and all the best for your educational future ☺ I am smiling at your comment that blogging helps you with procrastination….right now blogging is the cause of this unfortunate condition lol in my own case 🤔 No doubt it will pass in due course but very annoying in the meantime. Inspiration required! Have a lovely day 😎