I’m sooooo excited for you…and for us!!!!! :) …

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I’m sooooo excited for you…and for us!!!!! 🙂

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What’s Hot In 2018
I just watched your You Tube video and it’s so awesome…and the soundtrack is one of my favorite songs and suits you soooo well!!!! Thanks for doing your uniquely wonderful part to add joy and positive change to the world!!! <3

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Why I Started Blogging
Well, aren’t you charming? 🙂 It is so lovely to “meet” you, and I will be sure to “stop by” and read more of what you have to share…thank you for “following” me–thereby, connecting us. And, I’m sure your blog will be a popular one–you enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air…thanks for sharing 🙂

Why I Started Blogging
I use quotation marks (“) around words that I don’t mean literally…I am not actually meeting you in person–I am meeting you in a virtual (online) context…I’m not literally following you (as in walking behind you) so I put quotation marks around the word…does that make sense to you? Written communication leaves lots of room for miscommunication , so sometimes I end up overcompensating 🙂

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