I am happy to read, like, comment, and today start …

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I am happy to read, like, comment, and today start following a young lady’s blog who has a go-getter attitude. It takes real moxie to rise up in this world. I picture you being on your way. Highest and Best!

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Open Letter To All Parents

What I liked best about your letter is that it’s very conversational. It has a respectful tone to it. It leaves room for discussion. It expresses specific wants, needs, and desires. It gives credit where credit is due, and seems to also ask for credit to be extended for independent thought and deeds. I can definitely imagine mutual resonance taking hold. Nice!

The Best Tips On Dealing With Stress

The Best Tips On Dealing With Stress
I really appreciate the dark chocolate tip. I’ve recently started eating it; well a cube or two after dinner. I used to think it was bitter and chalky, but also realized that I hadn’t given my taste buds a true opportunity to adjust, or my programmed mind a chance to experience “another” type of chocolate. Picking the one for me has also become easier too. Delicious & beneficial in every bite!!!

Pizza Shop In Philadelphia Feeding The Homeless

Very cool. What a wonderful caring way to pay it forward. Powerful is right. Kind gestures don’t have to be huge, just heartfelt. And they can actually change a life!!!

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