Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Selfish

Provided you have been blogging for quite a while now (or you are good with the internet), you must be knowing that blogs could be monetized.

What does monetize mean?

  • Monetize is to earn revenue. This can be done from an asset, a business etc.
  • Some very common things which are monetized are videos (in youtube for example), websites (blogs for example) and apps.

How do people monetize things?

  • This can be done through ads (google adsense), affiliate marketing, paid reviews or banner ads, providing a service, through eBooks, etc.

Why do people monetize?

  • To earn money (duh!). Money has become almost essential to live nowadays. People need to earn money. They do it by various ways, so why not do it online?

Can you depend on monetizing as a passive method of income?

  • In the beginning, nope I don’t think  so.
  • Later on? Maybe. Depending on how much of hard work you put into it.

The question which had been bothering me for a day or so,

“Is monetizing your blog selfish?”

Here’s reasons why monetizing your blog isn’t selfish,

  1. You aren’t going to earn money from nothing – The basic requirement for monetizing your blog is a  vanity/custom domain, which you have to pay for monthly. The more you earn, the more you pay for your custom domain because you’ll require a bigger domain package. You can’t monetize your blog using a free domain name.
  2. You put in your time and sweat into it – To run a blog successfully isn’t an easy task (you should be able to relate to this). It takes time, hard work and a bit of luck. This can vary from blogger to blogger. Some might take more time (or less) than others to create a successful blog, depending on how hard they work.
  3. You don’t earn money overnight – Earning a passive income through blogging which could be enough for you to quit your day job and stay at home to be a full time blogger takes time. Period. (Unless you hit the blogging lottery.) This takes years of hard work, in average about 5 to 6 years. Some bloggers might still not be able to reach their target and end up quitting blogging entirely.
  4. You might not even earn enough money to compensate the amount you paid for your vanity domain (in the beginning) – This sucks. It’s even a risk in a way, unless you have enough money to spend on a vanity domain per month.
  5. It’s an emotional roller coaster – This could be either positively or negatively. You’ll have your good days, your bad days, your stressed days, your frustrated days, your happy days, etc. It’s almost like a journey of self discovery. Very exciting!

My advice to bloggers who want to try it out?

If writing is your passion, go for it! You only live once. Don’t do it only with the intention of earning money.

If you are thinking about it and want some friendly advice or help, you are more than welcome to ask for it.

Bloggers who still think it’s selfish?

Feel free to comment why you think so. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and views, which everyone else should learn to respect.

You don’t think it’s selfish, but you aren’t going to do it anyway?

Cool! If you are kind, be patient with ads of bloggers who are trying it out. If you are extra kind, help out your fellow bloggers who are trying it out by clicking on an ad or two.
Cheers and Happy Blogging!

50 thoughts on “Why Monetizing Your Blog Isn’t Selfish

  1. With my first blog in 2012/2013 I was all righteous about not putting advertisements on my content…then I realized content scrappers were stealing my content and making money off of it anyway, so this delusion of mine quickly subsided.

    I agree with you: monetizing a blog you pay for is a must, if only to cover the costs of the premium/business membership.

    Great post!

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  2. Blogging takes a LOT of. How many times in life do we do things for free. I mean, ya it’s fun for a month or so, writing and seeing people engage, but if you don’t get paid, the love is going to fizzle off. I barely make $20 bucks from my blog a month right now, but you know what it’s enough to keep me going because it’s at least something! Also, as a blogger, I try to click on other peoples links too to help them out, because we know what they are going through!

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    1. I just tried out monetising. Adding a few ads. And I’m harder making $3 per month. That’s lesser than how much I’m paying for a custom domain. Haha! I don’t think it’s selfish at all now. Happy blogging! πŸ˜‡

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  3. Personally, i don’t see monetizing one’s blog as selfishness. As you have said, Nusrath, as you have said, one has to spend a lot both financially and in hard work, before any gain can come at all. However, what I do in my own blog is still to make sure that I serve my followers better without taking a penny out of their pocket. thanks for sharing.

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  4. I appreciate it that you were VERY honest about what it takes to make it in the blogging world. Many people think they will be able to monetize their blog in the first month. There ARE ways to do that, but without guidance it is very hard to do so.

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